Kiran Bedi VS Arvind Kejriwal : Women Security

Aam Janta Party

Delhi election is very important for our country bcoz of National Capital.There is tough fight between AAP and BJP,now its high time to build  your political career and political history.But the basic problem of Delhi is women safety,every year no of women harassment cases are  increasing. Like as UBER cab case, Nirbhaya Kand etc. Some basic reason behind the women harassment  are given below:

  1. Lack of female empowerment policy
  2. Less active Police  
  3. Blaming women wearable s
  4. Ignorance of domestic violence
  5. A lack of public safety awareness
  6. Stigmatizing the victim
  7. Encouraging rape victims to compromise
  8. Slow court process
  9. Few convictions 
  10. Low mentality of man towards women   

 I am narrating both party blueprint regarding women security.So every Delhi-ites should read and decide their party whom to vote.                                           

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) promises for Women Security Kiran Bedi’s  6 P for Women Security
Suraksha button on every mobile phone Already Launched on 1st jan 2015 named HIMMAT app  Himmt
Dark spot free Light every street 1st P is people : Parents, principals and community leaders, preachers. People are vital for a holistic approach to security.
CCTV in Buses and Bus shelters 2nd P is politician: Because the politician gives you rules, regulations, resources and laws. If you notice, the law came so late after the December 16 gang rape case. Politicians pass laws.”
Bus marshal in every bus 3rd P is police: The police response and prevention. Police have two roles — community policing is prevention and investigation and forensic is the response. They need to be in place in the system.
Last mile connectivity better Auto Service 4th P is prosecution: Fast-track the cases. It has a bearing on so many things.”
 200000 New Toilets for women 5th P is prison : Many rapists are released from prison as in the Shakti Mills case (of Mumbai). What does the prison do while rapists are there? A prison plays a vital role.
47 new fast track courts for women 6th P : the last and most important, is the press. How does a press communicate?”
Increase healthcare and education facilities  NIL

If people will change then only country will change,only blaming to each other is not a solution because a politician,police,rapist is also an Indian.


 Delhi election date : 07  feb 2015:Result date: 10 feb2015